Cloud Marketing Platforms Boost Business

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A key component of small business success is attracting customers to your business. Sales and marketing are core functions of any new startup, helping build your brand and create awareness for your product or service. The digital age has created a wealth of new marketing channels, but it can be tough to determine which channels are right for potential customers. The following cloud-based marketing platforms can help.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Since 2000, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) has served as a single stop for digital marketing and analytics. This platform allows marketers and business owners to engage with customers across a variety of platforms with one application. With this tool, you can tailor content to email, social media, your website and more. It also provides analytical tools to help you determine how your clients are engaging with your brand, allowing you to create custom content.


Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud will allow you to brand your business while creating a user experience among all channels from commerce to your website. It also has analytical tools that allow you to listen to your customers. With this tool, you can see how your audience is interacting with your brand. You can also listen to your customers in real time and tailor their experience at all points of the consumer lifecycle. The analytical tools include insights into which parts of your website are the most popular and how your customers are finding you. All of these tools can be used to strategize marketing campaigns to your customers.


HubSpot Marketing

For small businesses and those who are just starting out, HubSpot is an excellent tool that will allow you to develop and maintain your website and help convert visitors into customers. HubSpot also provides analytical information that helps you to monitor your web traffic and other customer interactions with your company. The software is easy to use, and the customer service team is responsive, making this tool useful for smaller businesses. Another helpful tool offered by HubSpot is the ability to track and analyze customer reviews, allowing your business to resolve issues promptly.



For entrepreneurs without a lot of employees, Marketo can help save you time and money. This tool allows for the automation of marketing through multiple channels, including video, social media, web, advertising and more. Marketo's variety of apps and tools allow you to track and interact with your customers, helping you to build relationships rather than simply closing deals. Its analytical tools give insight into how your business is resonating with potential customers, allowing you to develop targeted marketing strategies. Marketo also allows users access to a variety of partners to create content for various audiences.


Cloud-based marketing tools have helped to automate the process of marketing, alleviating the need to spend hours creating messages for a plethora of platforms. The tools mentioned above serve as a sole spot for tracking analytics and tailoring your message to engage customers in a meaningful way.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse