Coach Explains Sales Spiritual Practice

Photo credit Jesse Johnson (Photo courtesy of Jesse Johnson Coaching)

When selecting a business coach for your small business, the options are endless. While there are many coaches that focus on branding, marketing, and other related fundamentals to help your business grow, Jesse Johnson, Los Angeles founder and CEO of Jesse Johnson Coaching, a coaching and consulting business, believes sales is a spiritual practice. Johnson’s ideal clients are healers, leaders, and spiritual teachers who want to take their business, and their bank accounts, to the next level.

Johnson shares tips that have helped her clients meet their financial goals and find what they truly desire.


What's the concept behind your coaching practice?

I teach spiritual teachers, healers, and coaches how to integrate money. When I started my own business, sales demanded more of me than anything in the last seven years of my spiritual life. Sales are the best tool I've ever used. Sales increase self-mastery, dismantles codependency, and is necessary for any business to succeed.


Explain why your coaching practice focuses on spirituality?

Before my business, I coached math teachers and principals in New York City public high schools. I loved the work, but became frustrated by the fundamental lack of belief that permeates school cultures. It became difficult to make a dent in improving education. My work was being undermined by the cultural mindset. I started my own business focused on starting with the principles that could have what we want. Our deep desires are guiding us toward our purpose — on a soul level and why we are alive. And, bringing more consciousness into people's lives is a tool to help them be, do and have whatever they want to create.


So, how can small business owners transform sales into a spiritual practice?

Sales create the opportunity to get unconditional about what we're offering. We will expose ourselves, be visible, risk looking like a fool, and feel rejected. This is a concern for anyone in sales, but it's especially true for people who are selling their own services since it's not a product someone says 'yes' or 'no' to, but they're actually saying it to you.

My clients learn to use every 'yes' to celebrate another person choosing to grow, and use every 'no' to get more unconditional about their own purpose, mission, and service. I teach them to get out of their own way and surrender their ego throughout the sales process. As well, how to get relentless in their devotion and dedication to their big vision. This is a prerequisite for success in any business, especially in the realm of transformation.


What are some common blocks you see your clients encounter?

Most people aren't willing to put themselves out there in the first place and go for their big vision. Our subconscious minds keep us safe and secure in what's familiar. Growth, change and expansion will always oppose that value system. Anyone who is doing radical self-transformation, especially around money, will experience inner conflict. My clients choose their vision, rather than what's familiar, terrifying, or comfortable. It's not for everyone


What has been the biggest challenge for your coaching and what's the biggest success?

I used to take every 'no' personally, as well as every one of my clients' successes. I used the no's and the yes's to feed my ego, and lost myself and my service in the process. This is why I call sales a spiritual practice — it's ongoing. My ego still likes to take things personally. That hasn't changed, but I'm very fast at moving through it.


What's next for your coaching practice?

More programs, more publicity, more impact. Bigger platforms, bigger stages, bigger audiences.


This article was written by Marie Flounoy for Small Business Pulse