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In the current tech-centric marketplace, small businesses need to move at the speed of the internet. As such, founders should invest in an internet service provider that offers robust bandwidth, wireless backup, and threat protection to stay connected 24/7. Comcast Business offers a range of affordable high-speed internet plans that are ideal for any small to midsize business. For companies that are just getting off the ground, Comcast offers an excellent starter plan, which comes with a robust 25 Mbps of internet speed, a permanent IP address for email server setup, and secure and highly customizable WiFi tools.

For businesses that need a greater level support, Comcast offers plans that provide a host of cloud-based enterprise software, data backups, high volume credit card transaction processing, and internet speeds of up to 1 gig, depending on the area. Plus, all of the service provider’s internet plans come with 24/7 local customer support with no data caps.

Another feature that makes Comcast Business Internet an ideal option for small business owners is its automatic Connection Pro plan. As recently as 2015, there were more than 3,500 power outages across the United States. Power outages cause 90 percent of American businesses to experience internet service outages every year. In the time that it takes for service to be restored, those businesses can’t process payments, send out email, manage customer accounts, access company data, or process online orders. Consequently, that downtime can have a significant negative financial impact.

Comcast’s 4G LTE wireless backup will kick in automatically in the event that a company’s dedicated Ethernet network goes down. The Connection Pro will allow business owners and their staff to resume operations using superfast wireless internet until normal service is restored. And since it comes with a surge protected battery backup that lasts for eight hours, small businesses can remain open for the duration of a standard workday.

Lastly, Comcast Business should be the internet service provider choice for small business owners because of its powerful security features. For a nominal monthly fee, Comcast offers all internet customers Norton Internet Security for Business. This security software offers a high degree of protection against unauthorized access, malware, and viruses.

The company also offers dedicated denial of service protection that will help preserve a business's digital infrastructure in the event of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The service not only alerts customers when an attack is in progress, but also tasks a dedicated security team with employing DDoS countermeasures to ensure continuity of service.

Conscientious small business owners can feel at ease with service that includes uncapped bandwidth, high-speed wireless internet back up and proactive threat protection at affordable monthly rates.


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