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Matt Hensler founded Social Power Hour in 2012 with a vision to connect people on social media and provide a break from their phones with an in-person event. Now, Hensler leads a team to produce valuable experiences with their signature events: Say Cheese Fest, Chef Battle and Bartender Battle.

Hensler is an award-winning marketing leader who specializes in integrated marketing with a focus on social media, public relations and experiential marketing. With both in-house and agency experience, he works with small businesses, startups and Fortune 500 businesses, including notable brands StarKist, Hershey’s, DISH Network, USA Today, Wells Fargo, Marriott and Chick-fil-A.

Hensler offers five valuable marketing tips to small business owners who are looking to step up their marketing plan without breaking the bank.


Matt Hensler
Matt Hensler

Perfect the process

Every business owner should develop a model or standard that everyone follows. Not everything can be perfect every time, and it is important for a leader to adapt in certain situations, but if the process isn’t followed, then problems come that shouldn’t.


Share your success

Don’t be afraid to share your successes. Many entrepreneurs want to remain humble, but you don’t want to miss opportunities by downplaying your accomplishments. Owning a business is emotionally and physically draining, so share your journey, especially those successes that you worked so hard to get.



It can be difficult for small business owners to pass along tasks because every decision affects their time, their money and their company’s bottom line. By delegating, however, SBOs are not only showing their team members they trust them to make good decisions, but they can also focus on other areas of their business.


Be unique

Business owners need to be able to prove that their service or product is going to enhance the lives of its customers. SBOs need to perfect their value propositions so that they can, in five to ten words, write what value they are providing the potential customer that can’t be found anywhere else. Before a value proposition can actually be written and shared however, small business owners must clearly define their value.


Test marketing tactics

Marketing is a bridge a small business owner does not want to burn. Whether it is using social media, blogging or emailing a reporter, marketing presents ways to reduce costs and increase brand reach. For those intimidated to go at it alone, agencies, industry publications and other avenues are available to leverage.


This article was written by Michelle M. Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse