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According to research conducted by global consulting firm IDC, 80 percent of U.S. small businesses have experienced downtime at some point. Each incident saddles a burgeoning firm with costs ranging between $82,200 and $256,000. Consequently, owners who wish to ensure the long-term viability of their companies need to have a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan in place. An internet backup device like Comcast Business’s Connection Pro can provide solutions to potential internet issues, as well as give you peace of mind.  


What is a BDR plan?

As this recent Entrepreneur article explains, a BDR plan is a protocol companies put in place to ensure continuity of services in the event of extended network downtime. The purpose of the plan is to minimize data loss and maintain productivity in the aftermath of a natural disaster, cyberattack or widespread system failure. Since 90 percent of firms that experience a minimum of one week of IT downtime can no longer stay in business within a year, a BDR plan is mission critical for today’s small businesses.


What’s involved in a BDR plan?

To ensure its effectiveness, a BDR plan needs to involve two key elements — training and equipment. In terms of training, it means that owners develop procedures for how to deal with different kinds of disasters and familiarize their staffs with those procedures. When the worst happens, everyone will know what to do and who to contact. A BDR plan will also empower employees to appropriately respond to customer questions regarding the disaster and your company’s response to it.

In terms of equipment, BDR preparedness calls for the use of internet backup equipment. In the event of a downtime-triggering disaster, internet connectivity will be essential to maintaining operations. Without it, doctors won’t be able to access medical files, retailers can’t process credit card transactions or check inventory, and bars and restaurants won’t be able to keep running checks.


What is Connection Pro?

Connection Pro is an internet backup device that automatically provides Comcast Business customers with 4G LTE internet in the event their regular service goes down. The cellular router has a built-in battery backup and an external antenna, which can provide small businesses with the high-speed internet they need to function for up to six hours. Compatible with any Comcast Business internet plan, Connection Pro is an affordable downtime solution for small business owners who want protection from the threat of both human-made and natural disasters.


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