Energy Efficient Upgrades to Your HVAC System

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It is never the wrong season to make your building more energy efficient and reduce natural gas use. Maintaining or improving your HVAC system can save on natural gas cost. While warmer weather approaches, heating may not be the first thing on your mind, however it is the perfect time to upgrade or improve your facility and prepare for the next heating season.

Heating, cooling and ventilation are one of the largest energy costs for most businesses. However, they can also provide the largest opportunity for money and energy savings. Consider upgrading to high efficiency boilers, heat recovery devices, more efficient air cooling, energy management systems, infrared heaters and more.

Energy efficient upgrades to your HVAC systems will also make it easier to evenly cool and heat your facility. You will also be doing your part to build a more sustainable future for Michigan.

There are multiple ways to start saving on your HVAC system:

When replacing your HVAC system, look for a highly efficient ENERGY STAR® qualified system.
Consider tightening your building shell and adding insulation to reduce leakage.
Have your HVAC system tuned up regularly. For best results, keep it tuned with an annual maintenance contract.
Complete a steam-trap tune-up and repair old valves and steam traps.
Replace (or clean) HVAC filters regularly.
Install a programmable thermostat to control your HVAC system more efficiently.
Keep furniture from blocking registers and vents.
In larger facilities with energy management systems, make sure temperature set points and operating schedules are correct for the controlled equipment.
For facilities that have on-site heat generating processes such as cooking, consider heat recovery as a way to capture waste heat and use it to offset energy use.
For areas such as warehouses, garages, waiting areas and patios, consider installing radiant heat. Radiant heat warms objects instead of the air, and uses less fuel and energy than traditional heating.

Consumers Energy offers rebates, tips and even provides a list of qualified contractors to get you on your way to savings.Consumers Energy offers rebates, tips and even provides a list of qualified contractors to get you on your way to savings.

Saving energy saves your business money. Discover the many ways your business can save. For more tips or to get started on an energy efficiency project visit Consumers Energy.

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