Focus Clients' Well Being Happiness

Photo credit Chad Coe (Photo and logo courtesy of COE Financial Group)

Chad Coe is president of Coe Financial Group, a company he founded 20 years ago with the mission of helping others "build an abundant life" through proper financial planning. Today, Coe works closely with clients to ensure their happiness and well being is properly addressed. He has made it a priority to touch base with his clients to discuss what's important to them, via email, phone call or face-to-face meetings.

Coe's expertise in sales and finance places him in the ideal position to offer these tips to other small business owners. Here he discusses five ways to successfully establish great relations between your business and your clientele.


Find your niche

Small business owners need to identify their niche and target market inside of the niche and focus on value and service. Listen 90 percent of the time and be able to really help customers accomplish their goals.


Utilize social media

LinkedIn has become a phenomenal tool to find prospects to solicit and develop real relationships with. I always tell people to have a professional headshot and a well-written bio. LinkedIn is where most people go today to see if business professionals are credible and trustworthy.


Build trust

Our goal is to add more value than our client's last advisor or the one they currently have. In order to start that we need to build trust. So, I developed The Abundant Life Roadmap, which takes clients through a process of finding their deepest held values and goals that take money and planning to achieve. It also lets clients view their financial house and see if it is where they envisioned it. In addition, the Roadmap helps to find out where clients currently invest and the value of their investments. Also, how much debt clients currently have and life insurance — all on one page.

Ask great questions

Communication is key. I always ask the question: If we are sitting here three years from now, what has to happen personally professionally and financially for you to be happy with your progress? It is very important to ask great questions and then listen to the answers.


Offer help

Build trust and ask to be of service. This may take a couple of times. Many of our prospects take us up on the offer to help them.


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This article was written by Michelle M. Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse