Fueled Collective Fulfills Customers’ Needs

Photo credit (Image Credit: Dreamstime)

Across all sectors, there are more than 513,000 small businesses operating in Minnesota. One thing all those companies have in common is that at one time or another, they needed some help getting themselves established. Fueled Collective exists to give burgeoning enterprises the support they need to grow and thrive.

The Twin Cities-based organization makes it its mission to inspire and enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their ventures and bring prosperity to their community. Fueled Collective does this by providing collaborative workspace to more than 1,100 web developer groups, Fortune 500 innovation teams and freelancers. This de-facto small business incubator provides growing ventures with the facilities and resources needed to succeed, including private offices, shared desks, meeting rooms and phone booths.

Additionally, Fueled Collective gives entrepreneurs access to HD-quality phone service, high-capacity Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI), Wi-Fi and HDTV via Comcast Business. As a result, owners are able to conduct business in a professional environment without the overhead that can eat away at a burgeoning venture's profitability.

With Comcast Business’ VoiceEdge service, entrepreneurs can make the client and vendor calls they need to keep their companies afloat. Since VoiceEdge uses Comcast’s robust EDI, founders won’t have to worry about connection issues when conducting voice meetings with important customers. Moreover, Fueled Collective-powered companies can take advantage of Comcast’s Business TV to keep clients entertained with HD content while they wait.

Most importantly, Fueled Collective-incubated small businesses can use Comcast Business’ no cap EDI and Wi-Fi to conduct business. As Fueled Collective CEO Kyle Coolborth explained, “High-capacity internet is just the cost of doing business today, and without it the entrepreneurs in our community — and the Fueled Collective business itself — can’t continue to grow.” For instance, Fueled Collective’s four Twin Cities-based branches serve as home base for a number of web developers. In order to create high-quality websites and applications, those developers need a high-bandwidth internet connection on a consistent basis. Whether it’s moving digital assets between team members, making mission-critical updates or doing complex backend development, sluggish data speeds and frequent downtime are unacceptable.

By partnering with Comcast Business, Fueled Collective is ensured that its hosted companies and entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with those issues. Comcast’s 1 Gbps Business EDI allows users to seamlessly and securely work on data-intensive projects without having to worry about inconsistent connections. And with 24/7 priority enterprise support, DDoS migration and identity & access management, Fueled Collective and the companies it supports can focus on their work, secure in the knowledge that their assets are protected by a company with a robust internet security program.


Comcast Business has the largest IP network in the nation, serving the needs of small business through large enterprise customers. Technology solutions range from fast, reliable Ethernet and Internet connectivity to voice, video, and Managed Solutions. Comcast Business is powered by an advanced Gig-ready network and 24/7 technical support. Learn more at business.comcast.com/minneapolis.

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