High Quality Experience Proves Worthwhile

Photo credit Angelo Georgacopoulos (Photo and logo courtesy of Meli Cafe)

As Public Relations and Social Media Director of Meli Cafe, Angelo Georgacopoulos interacts with guests on a daily basis. The cafe’s ultimate goal is to not only to provide its guests with a quality restaurant experience with their food, service, and atmosphere, but to also interact with current and potential guests outside of business hours through various social media efforts. Georgacopoulos shows the world what Meli Cafe has to offer through a creative lens with his social media efforts.

Today’s world has evolved into a digital world and even the restaurant industry has to rethink the way it advertises and markets its products. Georgacopoulos has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a Master’s Degree in School Counseling. Understanding how the human mind works has helped him to communicate with the general public appropriately and has also assisted with customer relations.

We live in an aggressively competitive world, where today’s hottest restaurant can be yesterday’s news if it doesn’t constantly keep up with people’s expectations and modern tastes. Georgacopoulos offers five tips for small businesses to aid in sales goals in the marketplace:

  • Focus on your current guests instead of focusing only on attaining new people into your doors. Loyalty is key in building a brand and maintaining a strong business.
  • Never sell anything that you wouldn’t buy yourself. Quality is one of the most important things to have in mind in any profession. Quality will always keep guests happy.
  • Stay current with all social media outlets in order to avoid limiting yourself to only one type of clientele.   
  • Gear advertising and marketing toward today’s trends. Keep it fresh and unique to the brand. Provide opportunities for guests to interact online and let them have a voice with menu (or other company decisions).
  • Always take care of your employees. If an owner goes the extra mile for his or her employees, they will go the extra mile for the restaurant or small business.


This article was written by Michelle M. Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse