High-Speed Internet Improve Productivity

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As intense competition, long hours and tight margins are all essential components of owning and operating a small business, founders need to take advantage of every opportunity to be successful. That means always looking for ways to lower overhead, develop new business opportunities and increase operational efficiency. One way entrepreneurs can realize the latter of these objectives is by harnessing the productivity-boosting power of high-speed internet.

Given the hyper-connected nature of the marketplace, almost all small companies use the internet to operate and grow. In fact, Pew Research found that higher levels of internet connectivity can have a significant positive impact on improving operational agility and marketing outreach. Switching to a high-bandwidth, no cap business internet solution can play a big role in effecting those changes.

One benefit of high-speed internet is that it allows the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service. With VoIP, owners can make and receive phone calls via the internet rather than a telephone network. Quality VoIP service providers offer an array of features that can help small businesses be more productive, like an automated attendant, readable voicemail, seamless mobile connectivity and hunt group. With those features, owners won’t have to worry about missing important customer and vendor calls during business hours.

Another key benefit of high-speed internet is that it allows business owners to employ a host of productivity-enhancing cloud-based utilities. These innovative business tools can automate various administrative functions and facilitate more robust collaboration. Apps like Office 365, DocuSign and Carbonite make the creation, certification and storage of mission-critical business documents easier than ever before.

Moreover, cloud-based web conferencing solutions make it easy for owners to meet with team members, vendors and clients, anywhere and at any time. With file, video and application sharing features, web conferencing apps can optimize business meeting productivity.

High-speed internet can also have a big impact on helping protect small businesses from debilitating cyberattacks. While the hyper-connected nature of the modern marketplace has made innumerable aspects of conductive business easier and more efficient, it’s also made companies more vulnerable to hacking. In fact, the Ponemon Institute recently published a study indicating that cyberattacks on small business increased by 6 percent between 2016 and 2017. Since the average cost of a cyberattack on a small business is $100,000, not counting the impact on productivity and consumer confidence, owners need all the protection they can get.

High-speed internet service providers like Comcast Business offer robust security software, advanced threat monitoring and 24/7 customer support to give founders peace of mind.


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