How to Do the Ketogenic Diet on a Budget

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Ketogenic diets are known to have a positive effect on weight loss and appetite control, and they can even help ward off cardiovascular disease. However, while small business owners may be interested in the productivity benefits that come with optimizing health and wellness, they may be wary of the costs associated with a keto diet. It is possible to maintain a keto diet on a budget.


Shop at a warehouse club

One key tip for keeping food costs down while on a keto diet is to make all food purchases at a warehouse club, such as Costco or Sam’s Club. For a nominal annual membership fee, warehouse club members get access to a range of wholesale priced keto staples such as meat, poultry, pork, cheese, eggs, coconut oil and butter. It’s also a good idea to invest in a vacuum-sealing appliance in order to maximize the lifespan of all food purchases.


Hit up local farmers markets

While warehouse clubs are a great way to save on a slew of keto basics, it’s also a good idea to hit up local farmers markets to take advantage of great deals on produce. Because sellers at farmers markets don’t have to account for the overhead and shipping costs that national retailers do, it’s often possible to pick up keto-approved vegetables and fruits like berries, avocados, asparagus, broccoli, celery, lettuce, mushrooms, spinach and quinoa at tremendous savings.


Become a meal prepper

Another important step in keeping a keto diet affordable is becoming a meal prepper. Set aside one day a week, ideally an off-day, to prepare, cook and freeze, and refrigerate a week’s worth of meals. Doing so will produce the two financial benefits of ensuring that all bulk purchased foods are utilized and making restaurants and fast foods less tempting by having a week’s worth of meals at the ready.


Buy low-cost meat

As meat is the cornerstone of the keto diet, adherents should make a point to search out the cheapest cuts of meat possible. As low-carb, high-fat diets have become more popular, there are now recipes for hundreds of delicious and nutritious keto meals online. Those meals can be made with low-cost cuts of meat such as pork belly, ground beef and chicken thighs just as easily as with expensive prime cuts.


Eliminate junk food spending

One of the best things about keto diets is that they have the effect of greatly reducing cravings for snacks between meals. As proteins, fats and fibrous veggies take longer to digest than foods heavy in complex carbohydrates and refined sugars, eating them satisfies hunger for long periods of time. Consequently, new keto dieters should make it point to stop buying junk food, because they’ll soon find they have no use for such unhealthy snacks.



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