Learn Sales From Door Salesperson

Photo credit (Image Credit: Dreamstime)

Yes, door-to-door salespeople exist, and they have valuable lessons for salespeople. In fact, because these salespeople often deal with the most difficult customers, their advice can prove invaluable for your business and can even help you become a more efficient and effective salesperson.


Practice, practice, practice

You've likely heard of the elevator speech, a 30-second introduction to your product given to potential customers. Practice this introduction until you can do it without thinking. When you recite your product information from memory, you can focus more on your customer's body language. Because actions speak louder than words, customers often silently convey their intentions. If you can read body language, you may be able to gauge a person’s interest, which can help you decide whether you need to be more convincing.


Don't waste time getting an answer

As soon as you know your customer has no intentions of accepting your bid, push toward the inevitable conclusion. This will give you more time to pursue other sales. Attempting to change a mind that is already made up will be futile.


Don't give a hard sell

Yes you're a salesperson, but your job is to help your customers, not give them hard sells. Instead of explaining why everyone needs your product, focus on ways the person you’re pitching to could use it. This makes your good or service a practical choice for the consumer.


Ask specific questions

Sometimes the answer isn't a clear-cut yes or no. If a customer requests more time to think about a purchase or to discuss it with others, ask about specific concerns you or your business can address. This helps you address any questions up front, which may lead to a faster sale.


Follow up, but not too often

When following up, don't just ask if the customer has made a decision. This leaves room for procrastination. Instead, ask about a specific deadline. If a customer cannot make a decision within a month, rest assured the final answer will often be no. This allows you to move on to other sales.


Though door-to-door salespeople may seem like a throwback to a simpler time, their advice can be vital to helping you become a more efficient and effective salesperson. 


This article was written by Crystal Hessong for Small Business Pulse