Marketing Automation Help Business

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You’re undoubtedly familiar with marketing, emails and social media. Marketing automation uses software to simplify and speed up the repetitive work required to post to social media and send mass emails. The type of marketing automation needed is dependent upon your small business’s marketing goals. Whether you’re looking to enhance the consumer experience or need to draw new clients to your company, marketing automation can help your small business grow.


Customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management software is ideal for small businesses that already have a large client base. CRM software aids in enhancing the customer experience through collecting, storing and retrieving client data. Additionally, CRM software holds a purchase history and client interaction details. Of course, the size and manner of business dictates which CRM tool best serves your brand.


Social media marketing tools

We are all aware of the benefits social media can have on a small business. It is a great way to reach you audience with a quick blog or business updates in a visual world. However, this tactic can also be difficult to automate without being perceived as a robot. The correct social media marketing tools will assist in scheduling posts, network management, monitoring engagements, and measuring performance while keeping the experience personable.


Email marketing software

Email is an effective strategy that provides the best return on investment, and is still one of the most widely used marketing tools. However, the largest challenge in email marketing is scalability. Email marketing software enables a small business to automate personalized messages and send email blasts, which according to PureB2B, accelerate “large-scale distribution along with providing performance measurement dashboards.”


This article was written by Deirdre Haggerty for Small Business Pulse