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There are many situations in which a small business owner may find him or herself in need of legal advice. Legal issues could arise from failing to read the fine print of a contract, unintentional intellectual property theft or employee contract negotiations, all likely requiring the need for expert advice. These issues, as well as many others, can often be dealt with using an online legal service.

Finding an online legal service to work with is similar to finding an attorney’s office. It is important to find a company that makes you feel comfortable and one that has the knowledge and experience to handle whatever situations may arise with your small business. Here are three online legal resources known for helping out small business owners.


Law guru

Law Guru launched in 1996 with just two attorneys and has grown to a large network helping thousands with their legal questions. With a network of more than 8,800 specialized attorneys, Law Guru makes it possible to get legal questions answered free of charge. These specialized attorneys are trained and experienced in all legal areas, making it possible for a small business owner to find the answers needed. Whether it is business law, bankruptcy or general questions about how to legally handle a situation, this website provides the platform to get the answers. If more legal advice or services are needed, Law Guru can help partner up small business owners with an attorney knowledgeable in the legal area in which they need assistance.


Legal services link

Small business owners are three steps away from getting the legal help needed when they use Legal Services Link. No matter what the legal need is, small business owners can post their situation anonymously and for free. Next, they will receive emails from qualified attorneys who are ready and willing to help with their case. Thirdly, owners will need to review the emails and attorney profiles to choose the attorney that best fits their needs.



Nolo offers small business owners a place to find help with all of their legal needs. This website is home to a library filled with do-it-yourself forms and a place to get legal advice. Business owners can get informed on legal issues by searching the legal library and asking for the help they need in seeking resolution. The DIY section of the website is home to hundreds of forms that help business owners handle their legal matters on their own, including bankruptcy, patent applications, LLCs and many other business-related legal forms. There is also a place to get connected to an attorney. Tell Nolo more about the legal situation and the company will send a list of qualified attorneys ready to assist.


All three of these websites offer unique services for those seeking legal advice for a small business. In the end, all of these sites have the information needed and are backed by a team of attorneys willing and ready to help.



This article was written by Heather Leigh Carroll-Landon for Small Business Pulse