Shop Establishes Rapport Customers

Photo credit Michele Troy (Photo and logo courtesy of Mutt Pack Outfitters)

Michele Troy of Mutt Pack Outfitters, a Boston-based online shop dedicated to hand-made collars, leashes and dog fashions, talks about how she utilizes technology to reach her pet parents, manage her business and provide the best customer experience possible.


In what ways has technology helped you define and seek out your ideal customers?

Being a slightly obsessed dog-mom, I had made my rescue dog, Piper, her own Instagram account. I was surprised to see how fast it grew and quickly found myself immersed in a social media-based community of other dog-loving people. The great thing about dog-lovers is that they are just about the most enthusiastic and supportive customers you could find.


How are you using technology to reach these customers?

I want to be as engaging as I possibly can. One of the most effective ways is through giveaways and contests on our Instagram. These posts get high levels of engagement and attract more potential customers to our page. We also donate prizes and vouchers to giveaways held by others, which gets our name out there to a completely new set of people.


How has technology allowed you to provide a better customer experience?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this process, it’s that people love when you offer ways for them to be a part of what you’re doing. For a majority of our customers, they don’t want to just buy a product and be done; they want to continue their involvement with our brand. It’s all about creating a community that promotes positivity and creates a mutually beneficial experience for both our customers and our shop. I don’t only want our customers to love our products, I also want them to love who we are as a brand.


How are you employing technology to manage your business?

I use WIX to run my store and with everything being so streamlined, it enables me to keep growing without it becoming unmanageable. Most of my shop can be managed directly from my phone, so I am able to really maximize my time by getting things done on the go.


This article was written by Jessica Wasik for Small Business Pulse