Tangle Creations Comcast Business

Photo credit (Image Credit: Dreamstime)

In 1981, Sculptor and Asian Art Scholar Richard X. Zawitz created the Tangle. Zawaitz quickly found that his profoundly simple and infinitely malleable invention evoked curious tactile engagement from all who encountered it. Subsequently, Zawitz founded the San Francisco-based company that would become Tangle Creations. To date, the company has sold and distributed more than 150 million creativity-prompting products. However, despite the remarkable success Zawitz has enjoyed, Tangle Creations was recently faced with an issue that seriously hampered its business operation and growth.

Put simply, the company’s network technology was not up to par. Tangle’s workflow was greatly impeded by data and voice service that was plagued by bandwidth issues and beset with frequent downtimes. As a result, the company’s ability to communicate with its stateside and international customers was negatively impacted. Internally, operations were also impacted as sending large graphics files became problematic. Compounding matters, Tangle’s old service providers were not responsive to the company’s needs when these issues were reported.

These network technology issues were a critical problem for Tangle because, as Zawitz noted, “Without great, seamless communications, a company can’t operate.” Indeed, studies have shown that missed customers calls and website errors can have a significant negative effect on a business’s profitability. The company chose to have Comcast Business handle their networking needs, and as a result of the switch, Tangle’s communication issues disappeared.

With Comcast’s VoiceEdge VoIP phone service, Tangle is now confident in its ability to stay connected with its consumers and partners. Thanks to features like hunt groups, automated attendant, readable voicemail and integrated mobile connectivity, the company’s staff no longer has to worry about its most important business phone calls.

With no cap data speeds starting at 25mpbs, Comcast’s internet service helped Tangle Creations to optimize both its external and internal communication. Since Comcast Business offers data speeds up to 1 gig, Tangle also has all the room it needs to scale up in the future.

Moreover, Comcast’s robust and secure Ethernet Internet has made it possible for Tangle to move key databases and assets to the cloud. As Comcast’s dedicated internet access comes with identity and access management, round the clock threat monitoring and 24/7 enterprise technical support, the company’s executives can rest easy knowing their digital infrastructure is well protected.

Due to its partnership with Comcast Business, Tangle Creations’ end-to-end communication has never been more robust, secure and seamless. Consequently, Tangle founder Richard X. Zawitz can now direct all of his time and energy to further his company’s mission of promoting creativity for all.


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