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Although small business owners don’t have the capital or personnel to compete with large corporations, they do have one key advantage. Because of their size, burgeoning companies can deliver much better customer service. It’s the difference between eating lunch at a fast food franchise versus a charming single-location bistro. One surprising way owners in a variety of industries can improve customer satisfaction is to put a few televisions on site.

Locally-owned and operated bars and cafes could benefit greatly from installing a few flat screen televisions on their premise, along with a business TV package. As this Entrepreneur article notes, one bar found a way to make itself a community event center by launching Minnesota Vikings nights. Whenever the team had a game, patrons dressed in Vikings jersey and horned helmets would flock to the bar for the atmosphere and camaraderie, and drink beer by the pitcher.

That particular strategy is effective for more than just sports. Bars across the world have become must-visit destinations for tourists because they’ve adopted themes related to hit TV series like “Game of Thrones” and “Doctor Who.” Patrons come for the novel decor, but they stay to enjoy some drinks and food while watching new episodes of their favorite shows with friends. TV plans can add considerable value to your bar or café without adding significant costs.

Other types of business can benefit from adding a few 50’ televisions and a quality TV service. Gyms and fitness centers can use TVs to make their members’ cardio workouts a little more pleasant. Instead of staring at blank walls, exercisers can take their minds off what they’re doing by watching whatever content the owner wants to program. Enterprising gym owners could jump on this trend and add sales by offering a better customer experience.

Similarly, doctors, dentists and clinics can greatly enhance their patients’ experience by bringing in some HDTVs. Waiting to see a doctor can be a very boring and anxious experience, and magazines do little to quell nerves. However, the news, a movie or a TV show can hold a person’s attention while they wait to be seen. Auto shops, hair salons and car dealers can utilize business TVs in a similar fashion to keep customers occupied while they wait.

Investing in one of Comcast’s Business TV packages is also an inexpensive way for hotels, motels and other property owners to make their lodgings more appealing. A temporary dwelling that offers guests a quality sports package and the ability to watch their favorite shows while on vacation has a distinct advantage over those that do not.


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