Ways Improve Company Morale

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Improving a company's morale is vital to the continued success of a business and the retention of valuable employees. Boosting morale will not only change the attitudes of those who work for your company, but the effects will also ripple all the way to customers and clientele, creating a more successful business. Here are some fun ways to improve company morale in your office.


Create a fun, engaging environment

It can't be all work and no play. Many businesses across the country, such as companies like Google, are changing the non-stop work dynamic by gamifying the break room. Provide arcade games or board games in the break area to stimulate the brain while allowing employees to have a bit of fun and relieve stress.

Creating a fun workplace environment also entails letting people to express themselves. If your business allows for a casual dress code, don’t force employees to come dressed in suits and heels every day. Employees can also decorate their desks to show off their creativity and personal style. Another fun activity at the workplace is having dress-up days, especially during holidays. Let everyone wear green and party gear for St. Patrick’s day or have a top-notch employee dress as a leprechaun. Depending on the type of business, hire a character like the Easter bunny to greet your customers around the storefront. Find occasions that employees can let loose with their attire, rather it be holidays or one day a month to show off their creative skills. At the least, wear themed shirts.


Motivational Monday

Monday often can feel like a drag and there's a reason it's called "Manic Monday." Another weekend has come and gone and it's time to get back to the grind. Provide food items to give a physical boost throughout the day or ask that everyone bring a basic dish to share. The possibilities are endless — from breakfast foods and drink to fruit and salad bowls at lunchtime. A little extra fuel in the form of a special treat on everyone's least favorite day can go a long way while also making employees feel appreciated.

Send out a company letter each Monday to kick off the week with a positive outlook. Talk about "happy news" such as employees’ personal milestones — who's expecting, who just returned from a tropical paradise or who just bought a new house. Be sure to blend personal news with company successes and goals for the week. Finish off the letter with inspirational quotes as food for thought.


Have giveaways

Rewarding employees for their hard work is a nice gesture that also makes them feel appreciated. It also provides an incentive to continue to excel. Each Friday, every other Friday, or once a month, have a raffle and give away prizes, which can really be anything. If your company is a retail-like store, give away a shirt or another item that's not expensive but useful. Think outside the box as well. Maybe the giveaway is a pair of tickets to an upcoming concert everyone's been talking about or a production at the local theater.

Having contests that act as a giveaway is another fun way to boost morale. Pick a day each month to create an array of categories where employees can vote for each other to win. Provide different prizes or pool together grab bags with knickknacks and snacks.


This article was written by Chase Hunt for Small Business Pulse