3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Retail Sales

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By , Small Business Pulse

The idea that retail is dying remains exaggerated. For every store that goes under, there is another that still thrives today. In a world with abundant internet shopping choices, it is critical for retail stores fighting for customers to take into consideration their customer base and tailor to their customers' needs to provide a better shopping experience. While money is limited and there are many options when ready to shop, there are some easy tips and tricks that retailers can use to attract customers and ensure that they return. Here are three easy ways to improve retail sales.

Connect with your customers
The single most important thing that any retailer can do if they want to successfully grow their business is to relate and connect with their customers. If a retailer does not know their customers nor work to meet their needs, they will lose more shoppers than they can gain. Return customers are the most important asset a retailer can possess as they are more likely to spend more money than a new customer, as well as recommend the business to friends and family.

What does it mean to connect with customers? Treat every customer like they are the most important person to you and your business. Make sure to listen carefully to what they want and need, and never turn them away. Do everything in your power to give customers what they are looking for, even if it means you have to send them elsewhere. This gesture will be remembered, helping your business establish a reputation of being helpful and honest. Every customer is essential, and a good retailer will make sure they feel important. To help repeat customers feel appreciated, establish a rewards program through a mailing list with discounts and benefits they are sure to enjoy.

Hire employees from your customer base
While retailers can look for ways to improve sales and connect with their customers, they also need employees who hold those same values. Big-money salespeople are essential, but it is just as important to hire employees who love the products they are selling. If a retailer sells shoes, he or she should hire employees who buy and wear those shoes, as they are experienced customers too and know the product better than even the best generic salespeople. They are also likely to have friends and family who love your products as well, which will bring in more customers. Having employees with passion for your products shows your customers they are being helped by an expert and a fan, which goes a long way when making customers feel secure about spending their money on your products.

Hit social media
While social media is often overlooked by the older generations, it remains hugely popular for people to connect, not only with friends and family, but with their favorite businesses. Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat will get your product out to the masses quicker than traditional advertising in today's connected world. Instagram and Snapchat are perfect for businesses to show off their products. YouTube also works effectively, as retailers can post "how to" and "best of" videos to display what they sell.

When it comes to social media however, it is crucial for retailers to be active users or hire a company to fill the role. Ignoring your Facebook page will only encourage your customers to do the same. Wendy's is a perfect example of how to use social media as their Twitter account is one of the most entertaining feeds today. They interact with fans, post entertaining videos and simply have fun, all while reminding people to eat there. Make your social media accounts fun and customers will react positively.