Wi-Fi Analytics Business Grow​

Photo credit (Image Credit: Dreamstime)

In today’s hyper-connected world, small business owners can now access a wealth of data about consumer behavior. However, given the sheer volume of available information, it can be difficult to decipher data that is largely trivial in nature from data that is actually useful. Thanks to recent technical innovations, Wi-Fi analytics can provide a rich vein of actionable customer insights.

To define the term, Wi-Fi analytics refers to information gleaned from all wireless internet-enabled devices — smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops — that fall within a network’s range. While information on wireless internet-enabled devices has always been tracked and collated, it wasn’t instantly available in report form until recently. Thankfully, internet service providers realized that Wi-Fi analytics could be hugely valuable to small business owners. Businesses now have the potential to not only tailor their guest Wi-Fi networks to their specifications, but also access a wealth of analytics data.

With Wi-Fi analytics, small business owners can find out exactly how many people with Wi-Fi enabled devices walk by their stores without actually entering them. With this information, founders can learn the times of day that bring the most foot traffic to their area and how many passersby become actual customers. Wi-Fi also has capabilities to track your customers' path through your retail space. With that information, owners can find out which signage most appeals to their customers, gauge the effectiveness of their planograms and redirect foot traffic so that the majority of visitors come in contact with the store’s newest products or daily specials.

Your company’s guest Wi-Fi network landing page can also be configured so shoppers can sign in with their social media credentials. By having that information cataloged, owners can discover key demographic information about their visitors, including their ages, professions and purchasing habits. Using that information, businesses can send out personalized offers to consumers that will drive conversions, bolster consumer loyalty, and increase basket size.

These insights through your Wi-Fi are attainable without having to re-task personnel to monitor duty or pour over hours of surveillance footage. And because of the automated nature of the system, companies can benefit from all this marketing intelligence without having to pay exorbitant consultant fees or market research costs.


This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse