Xfinity Stream Customer Employee Experience

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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the rate of economic growth in Minnesota was nearly a percentage point behind the rest of the United States in the last quarter of 2017. Small business owners need to do everything they can to optimize their profitability and sustain a positive customer experience. Comcast Business recently created an app that might help.

In late July, Comcast Business launched the Xfinity Stream App for Business. As Comcast residential customers know, the Xfinity Stream App allows users to stream live TV on mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. Now, for no additional cost, small business owners that are subscribers to Comcast Business TV can enable up to five users to stream content on the app concurrently anywhere in their office or retail space.

As noted by Jeremy Andreoli, Executive Director, Video Product, Strategy and Business Development, Comcast Business, “Xfinity Stream for Business is a great solution for waiting rooms, employee break areas, lobbies and more.”

The most significant way the Xfinity app can help small business owners improve customer satisfaction rates is by keeping them occupied while they wait to be served. Since customers will be able to choose the content they watch, they’ll have a greater incentive to stay than if they were a captive audience for content that didn’t appeal to their tastes.

For small businesses such as doctor’s offices, optometrists and audiologists, making patient wait times more enjoyable has a game-changing effect. A recent study found that free online access can reduce patient wait frustration by as much as 60 percent. Consequently, medical professionals that offer their patients Xfinity access might see a decrease in walk-offs.

Minnesota-based auto shop proprietors, beauty salon owners and tax preparers could see a similar rise in customer satisfaction by using the app. As Comcast Business offers TV packages that include between 10 to 140 available live channels to stream, owners can make their television offerings as diverse as they like.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Xfinity Stream App for Business could also help Twin Cities-based small business owners improve employee relations. A recent Inc. article highlighted how having a TV in the break room can help employees be informed and entertained when off the clock. That small amenity can have the effect of making workers feel more satisfied with their jobs. Studies have also shown that regardless of industry, improved job satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with improved productivity and higher employee retention rates.


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