Eagles QB Carson Wentz Talks Health Changes


Mr. Wright's different Mr. Wright for everyone listen women go out and they they look for Mr. Wright. And so it's I understand it. I mean if Mr. Rogers a little bit listen there's a lot of great ones said but there were some notable ones not said and so I rounded up some names yesterday I just want to give give you some names here Jack. You know some of these names some some of them Jack. You might be too young for but John some of the missus we forgot Mr. Wilson. Yeah from Dennis the Menace Mr.. Mr. mixup. I don't know. I want but OK from like you know the super friends and stuff is the Superman's enemy. You got it Mr. Roper Whoo. Good morning. He's coming right from Reservoir Dogs. All the mist. Mr. Pain Mr.. Mr. that we miss the all girls. Yeah. Right. Yes. A lot of those from Breaking Bad Mr. White. Now you also is Walter White. But you know Jesse calls him Mr. White. OK so you got Mr. White you got Mr.. I don't know this one but people told me this one yesterday Mr. Bill. Oh that's what everyone did yesterday. No. Yeah. All right so I don't know Mr. Bill. Mr. Smoothie. Mr. Holland for Mr. Holland's Oh sure. How about this one Mr. Smoothie. Is that a yes. We had. Yeah. We don't have Mr. Smoothie yesterday. I thought we did. No we had Mr. Mr. Softy Mr. Softee we knew Mr. Smart. How about this one Mr. hide okay. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Another classic Mr. Gray. Mr Keating from good from that goodwill from the Robin Williams movie Mr. Keating from Dead Poets he Mr. Skin right. He got Mr. Perfect from wrestling. Oh yeah yeah. Mr. Mulholland or Mr. Mojo rising from L.A. one Oh man. I mean you know Mr. Mojo rising. What is it called. What does he rearranged the letters of his name. Jim Morrison. Was I wanted to make Mr. Mojo rise. I didn't know that. So what is that called when you rearrange the letters of your name. Is that the word for that. I don't know. But anyway some some notable misters that acronym it's will come up with it. Jack Jack and looked it up. Let's go to the phones to talk to Dennis in Mount Laura. What's up Dennis. Tamara Johnson. Hey buddy. Richie Rich you guys forgot Mr. Magoo also. Now I would say had that I was sad. Yeah. OK. So I said Mr. Magoo Yeah. You know what was not said Dennis. But as for my performance last year at the pal softball game at Citizens Bank Park Mr. MVP and rightfully so we missed that. Exactly. How about you. How about your performance. I was at the basketball game in January when you did that charity. Yeah. Sure. After running down the court you look like an inverted English gentleman running. He's got the backward lean. Yeah. I was like you but you're putting your chest out there and your head was I mean Eric Dickerson we both have off right running start. This is this was passed up right. This is reversed. You did it. You did a good thing it was it would have been raising awareness and money for that charity. There you go. For sure. How about though. I'll get to it. How about those raptors evening up at 2 to 2. Well it really is tough Dennis because I don't care who wins the series. What's tough and they're either team is gonna get slaughtered by Golden State. Well absolutely what is tough is another reminder of how damn possible it was for the Sixers to be in the finals. We couldn't get it. There's no question this thing is. Listen I thought these teams were all evenly matched. Obviously Boston was outclassed but the Sixers raptors in box appear to be pretty darn close and stinks. Let me ask a question are you guys going to be on the Atlantic City Expressway again on Friday for the Memorial Day weekend. Absolutely we are. Farley Plaza Dennis I rode right past you gave you one of my words of the week last year. Of course you didn't get it right. But yeah I'm excited to see us political IS OUR GLORIOUS. Yeah we love it there. Yeah come on great. That's a great spot. Yeah I'm on through that I would've gotten to Phil's Dennis please. I have. I happen to agree with you Ritchie's right about. These are professionals and have to step up at the bullpen. It that bad. You know I don't think they're managed as well as they could be and they're a little soft stiffly. The fact Meister. But you know we're still a birth place where we're still live where we have to force that both and I think you were quoting some parents that you know do we need improvement. Do we need that closer. In the 10 million dollars and get him in here that's what I say. Yeah I think it by the way is speaking that fourth best bullpen era. Again that's an F.. I