Best QB in NFC East: Eagles' Carson Wentz or Cowboys' Dak Prescott?

The NFC East may have a two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback in Eli Manning, but the 38-year-old is at the end of his career and has made the playoffs just once since 2011.

There are, however, two quarterbacks in their prime who have won NFC East division titles in recent years, and each can make an argument as the best quarterback in the division.

That would be the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz.

The Case for Carson Wentz

On the surface, Wentz appears to be better statistically than Prescott, but the Eagles’ quarterback has struggled to stay on the field, battling injuries the past two seasons.

In 2017, Wentz was en route to an MVP season and appeared to have put himself in the conversation as one the most elite quarterbacks in the entire league, but he sustained an ACL tear in Week 14 of that year and has struggled to recapture the magic since.

After posting an 11-2 record and throwing 33 touchdowns and for 3,296 yards that year, Wentz returned in 2018 to go 5-6 with 3,074 yards and 21 touchdowns to seven interceptions before another injury derailed his season.

The potential is certainly there, but Wentz will need to prove he can stay healthy in 2019.

The Case for Dak Prescott

Prescott, on the other hand, has been durable for the Cowboys, and he has done nothing but win since he was named the starter in 2016.

Entering his age 26 season, he has a record of 32-16 in his career, including three winning seasons, all of which he did not miss a single game for the Cowboys.

Wentz may have more touchdowns, but Prescott actually has a better career completion percentage at 66.1 percent to 63.7. Neither of the quarterbacks has ever exceeded 4,000 yards; although, Wentz might have done so in 2017.

The criticism of Prescott is that he has benefitted from one of the best running backs in the league, Ezekiel Elliott, allowing him to attempt fewer passes during the course of a game. Prescott has attempted 28 more passes than Wentz in eight more games.

Yet Prescott averages 7.4 yards per attempt compared to Wentz’s 7.0 yards per attempt.

The argument of which quarterback is certainly worthwhile, and the 2019 season will likely provide a clearer picture on who is the best quarterback in the NFC East.