Chad Johnson Grills Fans: Who's Better, Me or Your Favorite Player?


Chad Johnson: four-time All-Pro, NFL receiving yards leader in 2006, and surefire first-ballot Hall of Fame trash-talker.

The former Bengals star and natural showman was known to engage in more than his fair share of verbal jousting and head games throughout his career, most famously keeping a running list of how he fared against the defensive backs assigned to cover him each week.

So it’s little surprise Johnson is still concerned about how he stacks up against his peers. Johnson teamed up with RADIO.COM Sports ahead of Super Bowl LIV for a hilarious stroll through Miami Beach, where he puts his burning questions about his fellow wide receivers to the wisdom of the crowd.

Johnson built a strong rapport with fans on social media as one of the NFL’s early adopters of Twitter, and he hasn’t lost the ability to connect with them. But as Chad learns the hard way, these diehard NFL fans don’t hold back!