Aroldis Chapman Suspended 3 Games, Aaron Boone and Kevin Cash One Each for Tuesday's Dust-Up


The discipline is in: MLB has suspended Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman three games for “intentionally throwing at the head area of Mike Brousseau,” and both Yankees manager Aaron Boone and Rays manager Kevin Cash have been suspended one game each, Boone “as a result of Chapman’s actions” and Cash “for his ejection and postgame comments” on Tuesday.

All three men have also been fined an undisclosed amount, with MLB noting Chapman’s suspension length is, in part, because he has been disciplined for this action in the past.

Cash and Boone will serve their suspensions during Wednesday’s Yankees-Rays game, while Chapman will begin his Wednesday as well unless he chooses to appeal; if he does, it will be held in abeyance until the results of the appeal are determined.

While the Yankees and Rays have a contentious rivalry and a history of hit batsmen within it, these disciplinary measures stem, ostensibly, from the ninth inning of Tuesday’s game, when Chapman threw multiple pitches up and in to the head area of Brousseau before striking him out to end the game.

The two teams have history going all the way back to 2018 – when CC Sabathia had his infamous “that’s for you, bitch!” moment and Andrew Kittredge later threw up and in to Austin Romine – and the latter part of Cash’s suspension reasoning stem from him all but admitting Kittredge’s pitch in 2018 was intentional and saying that “I have a stable of guys who throw 98,” intimating he wasn’t shy about having his team retaliate once again on Wednesday.

Boone’s suspension is automatic, even though neither he nor Chapman were officially ejected from Wednesday’s game.

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