Coronavirus Patient Details Harrowing Experience on Boomer And Gio


A Boomer & Gio listener who claims to have tested positive for the coronavirus opened up about the scary experience in an emotional call on Monday morning.

"I have COVID-19," said Mark, a self-identified 60-year-old jazz musician and an instructor at the Juilliard School in New York City. "I've been listening to you forever. I listen to the FAN non-stop, and I'm able to keep my mind going even when I'm working on projects.

"Recently with all that's going on, I thought it might be interesting to help some of our listeners."

Mark said he began feeling unwell on March 11, around the time his wife underwent a procedure on her jaw. He started running a "101 fever, and I've had that fever for over two weeks," and was treated by professionals in "full hazmat" gear at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The caller recalled receiving the surreal diagnosis.

"They tested and they said, 'You have COVID. There's no cure, all we can do is control the symptoms. You have an 80 percent chance to live.'"

"You sound like you have shortness of breath right now," observed host Boomer Esiason.

"Yeah, and I'm actually doing really good."

"So you feel like you're on the other side of this now?"

"I think I am. It's hard to say. Everyone at the hospital was wonderful. But the reality of the situation, to all of our listeners, is they don't really know -- how long it could take or how long to get out of the woods -- because this is new for all of us."

Mark didn't want to blame anyone for contracting the virus, but suggested his time on college campuses could have been a factor.