Bryson DeChambeau’s 15th Hole at Memorial Was a Glorious Disaster


Bryson DeChambeau kept it real Friday. Arguably too real.

DeChambeau, who has spent much of the past month wowing us with his Happy Gilmore-esque drives (he blasted one an unheard-of 423 yards on Thursday), ran into trouble on the 15th hole Friday in Round 2 of The Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio. After splashing his tee shot, DeChambeau took a drop for a one-stroke penalty, then continued his hole from hell by losing his approach out of bounds.

Rather than go the conservative route by laying up (as most golfers probably would have), the stubborn 26-year-old insisted on hitting a three-wood for his provisional. Swinging the same club from the same exact spot, DeChambeau predictably saw the same result, shanking another wayward drive that landed God knows where. The world No. 7 managed to keep his next shot inbounds, then discovered his ball from earlier (it was wedged against a metal fence) while making the trek across the 560-yard Par 5.

Already mid-meltdown on his way to missing the cut, the fifth-year pro unloaded on a course official, who ruled his recovered ball out of bounds. The increasingly hostile DeChambeau demanded a second opinion while dismissing the out-of-bounds ruling as “garbage.” DeChambeau would ultimately finish with a 10 (that’s a quintuple bogey for those keeping track) en route to a second-round 76, missing the cut by two strokes.

Nicknamed “The Scientist” for his bizarre quirks, DeChambeau could barely keep track of how many shots it took to finally put a bow on his disastrous 15th hole (the impetus for his first missed cut of 2020), counting the strokes aloud as he penciled in his score. Not many of us can relate to smashing 400-yard drives, but losing three balls on one hole is a nightmare every golfer has lived through at some point. DeChambeau’s debacle on 15 immediately drew comparisons to a similar sequence in the 1996 movie Tin Cup (which I admittedly haven’t seen) when Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy (played by Kevin Costner, the lead in every sports film ever made) refuses to lay up on 18, going through his entire ball inventory before finally sinking a miraculous shot.

Appearing in his first tour event since the COVID outbreak, Tiger Woods rallied on the back nine Friday to shoot four-over for the round, making the cut at Memorial for the 18th time in his career. DeChambeau won’t be joining him on the weekend slate, but boy did he give us a show on 15.

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