Deontay Wilder Reveals He Had Surgery After Fury Fight


Deontay Wilder's resounding defeat at the hands of Tyson Fury in their February rematch was touted by some as a setback for heavyweight boxing, but the pummeling cost Wilder much more than that.

Wilder, whose corner threw in the towel after seven rounds dominated by Fury, recently revealed he underwent surgery to repair a torn left biceps he suffered during the beatdown.

"Recovery is going well," Wilder told the PBC Podcast. "I'm in therapy. I end up injuring it during my last fight, somewhere up in there. But everything's going great with it."

A third fight between Wilder and Fury was scheduled for July 18, but the match has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"You know, that's another thing, I'm just focusing on recovery, getting myself back to full health, and getting ready," Wilder said about Wilder-Fury III.

"Hopefully this corona stuff will be out the way and we can get back to camp, and get ready to go again sometime at the end of the year," he added.

Many fans and journalists speculated Wilder suffered an ear or eardrum injury in the fight after Fury landed a nasty blow on the side of Wilder's head. Wilder appeared unstable and disoriented after the shot, fueling speculation of a ruptured eardrum. Wilder later denied any rupture but admitted he received stitches in the ear.

Wilder said the plan remains to fight Fury for a third time before the end of the year, but for now he's just recuperating at home and hoping the crisis passes.

"Right now, I've just been sitting back and getting care -- that's not a bad position, either, now, you know? Getting taken care of, all my meals have been prepared special for me and brought to me. Just a lot of catering right now between my fiancee and all the kids that I got around me. You know, it's been beautiful, man. Like I said, it's nothing I can complain about at this moment in time. I know we're all, in the world, going through something together."