Dwyane Wade Explains Why His First Trip to Old Navy Blew His Mind


Since retiring from the NBA, Dwyane Wade is getting in touch with how some things work in the real world.

In a new interview, the 37-year-old explained how during his pro career in Miami he couldn’t do normal everyday things without getting noticed.

“I had a chef to go shopping, a stylist to do this, all that,” he explained to Sports Illustrated. “I don’t really go shopping, so I don’t really know the prices of stuff.”

Now that the former Miami Heat star has resettled in Los Angeles, he’s getting used to actually being able to run errands, but it’s the cost of things that he’s having trouble wrapping his head around.

“So I go into Old Navy and I start buying stuff. So I grabbed what I felt was like, [laughs], a lot of stuff, like it’s got to be $100,000. Not a $100,000 but just speaking in that sense,” he said. “I got up to the register and it was like $500. I was like, ‘Holy s***, I thought this was way more.’ So I’m kind of freaking out about that kind of stuff.”

It’s no wonder he’s getting sticker shot but in reverse, this is a legend who recently bought $10K Rolex watches for a dozen members of his personal staff.  Bet they’re glad he didn’t go to Old Navy!

When not discovering the gloriousness of budget-friendly clothing chains, Wade is thoroughly enjoying retirement after 17 successful seasons in the NBA.

"I walk away just smiling and happy with what I did in that phase of my life,” he said contently. “I got so much more life left so now I'm focused on what can I accomplish in this life."