Golfer Bryson DeChambeau is an Absolute Unit


The PGA Tour returned Thursday with a surprise appearance by Brock Lesnar.

Okay, that’s not Brock Lesnar, but it may as well be. Bryson DeChambeau teed off Thursday for Round 1 of the Charles Schwab Challenge—the first tour event since the coronavirus pandemic—looking like an absolute unit. The 26-year-old house of bricks has always been a bit on the beefy side— lists him at a healthy 205 pounds. But that doesn’t make the muscular physique he presented Thursday any less astounding. Forget launching scud missiles down the fairway. This cat looks like he’s about to give “Stone Cold” Steve Austin The People’s Elbow.

Holy hell.

Twitter was understandably buzzing at DeChambeau’s transformation, watching in awe as the muscle-bound golfer spent his morning in Fort Worth booming effortless 300-yard drives like Happy Gilmore in his prime.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was DeChambeau. While others binged Tiger King and The Last Dance, the world’s 13th-ranked golfer dedicated his quarantine to getting absurdly swole, achieving Hulk status by pumping iron day and night at his home gym. The early returns were quite promising as the fifth-year pro blazed a first-round 65 (-5) at Colonial, putting him a mere two shots back of clubhouse leader Justin Rose. DeChambeau was a savage on the tee, averaging a monstrous 345.4 yards per drive. That’s nothing new for the SMU product, who entered Thursday with a slight edge on Rory McIlroy for the tour lead in driving distance (321.3 yards per drive).

DeChambeau can drive fellow golfers (and viewers) up a wall with his deliberate pace, but whenever that slab of meat steps to the tee box, it’s must-see television. It’s a wonder his painted-on shirt didn’t go the way of Tom Brady’s slacks (may they rest in peace).

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