How Kawhi Leonard Shifted the NBA Odds in Las Vegas Sports Betting

by Eldis Sula

Eli Hershkovich was joined by John Murray, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook director, to discuss how stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George landing with the Clippers impacted the NBA futures market.

Kawhi Leonard’s move to the LA Clippers propelled the team’s odds to 3-1, from the former 16-1. Even during the media circus around Kawhi Leonard’s free agency, Murray says people weren’t betting on the Clippers. Instead, a lot of bets were being made on the Lakers (and still are). Some people were even taking shots on the Toronto Raptors in hopes Leonard would return to the team.

Shake-ups in the Eastern Conference are good news for two teams in particular: the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers. Murray says the two teams are “head and shoulders” above the rest of the conference, with new odds for the Bucks at 4-1 and the 76ers at 7-1. A path opened for both teams, with Kawhi Leonard leaving the east coast for the Lakers and the Boston Celtics losing Kyrie Irving and Al Horford in a rocky off-season.

As per usual, the Lakers are commanding both high bet percentage as well as percentage of money being bet. Murray says the team is a leader in both categories, estimating that 10% of bets and money are played on the team.

Here’s the Westgate’s complete list of NBA title odds:

●      Clippers 3-1

●     Bucks 4-1

●     Lakers 6-1

●     76ers 7-1

●     Warriors 10-1

●     Rockets 10-1

●     Jazz 12-1

●     Nuggets 14-1

●     Celtics 20-1

●     Trail Blazers 25-1

●     Nets 30-1

●     Pacers 40-1

●     Mavericks 40-1

●     Spurs 50-1

●     Raptors 80-1

●     Heat 80-1

●     Kings 80-1

●     Thunder 100-1

●     Magic 100-1

●     Pelicans 100-1

●     Hawks 200-1

●     Bulls 200-1

●     Pistons 200-1

●     Knicks 200-1

●     Suns 200-1

●     Timberwolves 300-1

●     Grizzlies 300-1

●     Wizards 500-1

●     Cavaliers 1,000-1

●     Hornets 1,000-1