Hue Jackson Offers Dubious Defense of Putrid Browns Coaching Stint

A record of 3-36-1 is not exactly a glowing resume for NFL coaches, but Hue Jackson did great — according to Hue Jackson.

Speaking to WFNZ’s Nick Wilson and Josh Parcell, Jackson defended his ugly and often laughable stint as Cleveland Browns head coach — which included not one, but two winless seasons — as “some of the best coaching I ever did.”

“Just because of the situation in Cleveland, doesn’t mean you can’t coach. There’s a lot of great coaches that have come before me that's coached there and went on to great things. Sometimes the situation is different.

He added that if people “dig in” and take a closer look, “they would understand it more.”

Jackson was fired as the Browns head coach in October 2018 and hasn’t coached since, but he sees the abysmal performance as a learning experience from which he’s moving forward.

“I do believe it’s in my future,” Jackson said when asked about whether he would have another shot at coaching.

He later added: “You learn a lot about yourself, that you have to be able to send in front of a group and keep them really going … During those times, Christ, that was some of the coaching I did, contrary to what people think."

Jackson also weighed in the debate about whether Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is on the path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“I do,” Jackson said when asked whether Newton is heading toward Canton. “I think Cam has done, obviously some very consistent things and has been one of the premiere players at the quarterback position in the league, both running and throwing.”