Albert Pujols Moves Past A-Rod on MLB Official RBI List, Trails Only Hank Aaron


I have to be smart about how I wrote Albert Pujols stories over the next few weeks. The milestones just keep coming, and I need to make sure my material is fresh, as opposed to sounding like a broken record while listing his many unbelievable accomplishments.

But moving into company where only Hank Aaron and, unofficially, Babe Ruth are above you is a statement in itself. For all the talk about Mike Trout's worthiness as the potential MLB G.O.A.T. after an unbelievable nine-year and 26-game run (so far), things have really got to be heating up in the Pujols camp of the G.O.A.T. argument.

On Monday night, Pujols made history with a base knock to left field against the Astros.

Scratching your head in confusion? When I first read the headline, I did, too. That RBI was number 2,087 for Pujols. Hank Aaron sits atop the list 2,297. Babe Ruth drove in 2,214.

I'm no mathematician, but I'm fairly certain that the following equation holds true: 2,087 < 2,214. However, it's because some of Babe Ruth's RBI came before 1920, when the statistic became official, that his total is actually lower. Besides, we already celebrated Pujols' 1,992nd RBI, the one that officially allowed him to surpass Ruth.

Again, the milestones just keep on coming. The next big name that Pujols can expect to pass, barring something unforeseen, is Willie Mays. The Giants' legend and arguably the greatest MLB player of all time sits at No. 5 on the career home runs leaderboard with 660. Pujols has 659, and he'll have two chances on Tuesday to tie the Say Hey Kid when the Angels play the Astros in a double header.

Not bad for a guy who was passed on by scouts due to potential weight issues. Not bad at all.

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