Andrew McCutchen Oozes Swag in Spectacular Retro Phillies Card


Is Andrew McCutchen the same player he was early in his career when he was a perennial MVP candidate for the Pittsburgh Pirates? Not a chance. Is he still a national treasure and a beacon of hope in a time of societal dread and continued uncertainty? You bet!

Get Guinness on the line because the 33-year-old Phillies outfielder just set a world record for swag. This new baseball card courtesy of Topps, featuring a necklace-clad McCutchen looking on from the Phillies dugout, is an all-timer. Everything about it is spectacular, from McCutchen’s too-cool-for-school facial expression to his half-zipped throwback jersey and aviator shades. If the five-time All-Star had a medallion and a little more chest hair, he’d be a dead ringer for Jimmy Fallon in the Barry Gibb Talk Show sketches. Whether this outfit was a conscious choice by McCutchen in an effort to get noticed (his get-up looks like something you’d wear at a Halloween party) or little more than a delightful Easter egg captured by whoever was working the Topps camera that day, this photograph belongs, not on a baseball card, but hanging next to the Mona Lisa in Paris.

Phillies great Dick Allen gave the card his seal of approval Friday, calling it “the greatest card ever.” McCutchen seemed to agree, declaring it his “all-time favorite.”

Some Twitter users are skeptical that’s even McCutchen on the card, claiming the player shown is actually his alter ego Larry.

McCutchen may refer to himself as Larry, but now that this card has made the rounds on social media, I think it’s only appropriate we call him by his rightful name, “Disco Drew."

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