Phillies Outfielder Andrew McCutchen Recreates the Fresh Prince Meme in His New House


Andrew McCutchen, who continues to be a world-class Twitter follow, has arrived in Philadelphia where the Phillies will soon begin training camp in preparation for the 2020 season. The All-Star outfielder has rented a home in the area and from the looks of it, the house is a bit lacking in the furniture department.

McCutchen’s furniture should arrive soon, if it hasn’t already, but as a veteran of social media, the former National League MVP knows a golden photo op when he sees one. Does this look familiar to you?

Well it should—McCutchen’s new Philly dwelling, in all its unfurnished glory, is eerily reminiscent of a scene from NBC’s long-running sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where an emotional Will Smith is left to roam his uncle’s empty mansion. Cutch got most of the details right (the staircase and carpet are nice touches), even imitating Smith’s stance by resting his hands in his pockets.

McCutchen has kept busy throughout the league’s four-month hiatus, keeping us entertained with his goofy Twitter musings and his glorious new Topps card. The 33-year-old’s debut season in Philadelphia was marred by injury, though McCutchen—now 13 months removed from his torn ACL—should be all systems go for the Phillies’ opener later this month. Hopefully he’ll have some new furniture in his house by then. As a Philly resident myself, I know a place that could probably help him out with that.

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