Angels Rookie Jo Adell's Attempt to Catch Fly Ball Results in Embarrassing 4-Base Error


In early August, the Angels excitedly called up outfielder Jo Adell, the No. 6 prospect in all of baseball, after the team's slow start. He would hopefully provide some speed, athleticism and pop that the team needed.

Some of that pop was lost when right fielder Kole Calhoun, who clubbed 33 home runs for the Angels last year, was granted free agency after the 2019 season. Calhoun was also a former Gold Glove winner, though his career dWAR of -1.9 is nothing to write home about.

One play in particular, though, was something the Angels would not miss about Calhoun's departure. Asdrubal Cabrera hit a deep fly ball to right field that would have stayed in the park, had Calhoun not jumped up, hit the ball with his glove, and watched the ball helplessly as it ricocheted off the leather and bounced over the fence.

It's not a fun way to let up a home run, but sometimes you just have to laugh it off. But with Calhoun's departure, maybe the bad luck in right field would go with him... right?

I guess not. Interestingly enough, the play resulted not in a home run, but in an extremely rare four-base error.

Two right field gaffes from two Angels outfielders in two consecutive years is pretty remarkable, and the "Angels in the Outfield" puns should really start flowing in soon.

But Adell isn't alone: it seems that he was momentarily inspired by the Jose Canseco school of fielding home runs, but took a not-as-permanently harmful approach.

Other outfielders who have suffered this same unfortunate fate are Ryan Raburn and Wil Myers, the latter of which performed the rarely-seen combination of having the ball hit off his glove and his head.

Welcome to the big leagues, Jo Adell. It can only go up from here. And, on the bright side, the only fans there to heckle him were made out of cardboard. All things considered, he came out pretty lucky.

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