Bartolo Colon, Almost 47 Years Old, Wants to Pitch One More Year


When Manny Ramirez recently said he wants to make a return to professional baseball, fans raised their eyebrows at the 47-year-old's remarks.

Some brushed it aside as another case of Manny being Manny, while some think there's a real possibility that he can give it another go in Taiwan. After all, Ramirez himself said that he felt at home there and that the fans really valued his presence.

If that's the criteria you need to fulfill in order to play continue your career at quite an old age, then Bartolo Colon's recent wishes should also be more than achievable. After all, how can you not love this if you're a baseball fan, and especially if you're a Mets fan?

According to ESPN's Marly Rivera, Colon hopes to resume his MLB career for one more season after failing to get a gig anywhere in 2019, and would prefer if it were with the Mets. Rivera mentions that some of Colon's fondest memories come from his time in New York, and we have a feeling that the home run might be at the top of the list, despite the presence of some other strong candidates. For instance, his autobiography "Big Sexy: In His Own Words" may never have hit the shelves if Noah Syndergaard had never coined the nickname.

The Mets should be proud that Colon views them in this light, considering they were the eighth of the 11 teams that the big righty has thrown for throughout his career. His longest stint was at the beginning of his career, when he pitched for six seasons with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians and the Mets are two of the four teams he's earned an All-Star nod with, another of which was the Angels in his 2005 Cy Young season.

Though he definitely isn't a spring chicken at 46 years old, pitching at this point in someone's life isn't unheard of. Jamie Moyer's career spanned 26 years, beginning when the lefty was 23 and ending when he was 49. Similarly to how Colon's career would look if he does make a return, there was a gap between Moyer's 2010 and 2012 season.

Tommy John began his career at age 20 and ended at 46. Nolan Ryan went from 19 to 46. Phil Niekro, despite getting a later start, went until he was 48. Satchel Paige made his Major League debut at the ripe age of 41, went until he was 46, and famously returned for a scoreless outing at 58 years old.

In short: it's possible. A team just needs to take the bait and allow Big Sexy to join their corps for one last run.

Though both Tommy John and Jamie Moyer weighed in on whether or not players can last a quarter-century like they did, offering that it's not achievable in today's game, Colon could be one of the few players to accomplish this feat. It won't be easy, seeing as he'll need to, 1) get a chance with another team, and 2) perform well enough to last a couple more years. His most recent season isn't a good indicator of how that might go, considering he was 7-12 with a 5.78 ERA.

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