'Cleveland Idiots'? Baseball Fan Catches Hilarious Closed Captioning Blunder


When the closed captions of a Sacramento Kings-Philadelphia 76ers game erroneously referred to guard Nik Stauskas as "Sauce Castillo," the NBA universe turned it into much more than a one-time blunder.

The Kings ended up putting the hilarious video on their official team website, and the rest is history.

But a recent error made on closed captioning during an MLB game, though similarly hilarious, is one that we don't think is going to stick long-term.

Reddit user bbakes25 spotted the funny closed captioning gaffe when watching Mike Clevinger and the Indians earlier in the 2020 season.

Cleveland Indians Closed Captioning Gaffe
Redditor u/bbakes25 captured a funny closed captioning gaffe. Photo credit Reddit User u/bbakes25

Perhaps it was somewhat of a Freudian slip -- though we're not sure automated typists are capable of those -- seeing as Cleveland is going through some extensive discussions regarding the "best path forward" in terms of their team name, considered by many to be offensive. Skipper Terry Francona has already shown his support for the name change, saying that he "think(s) it's time to move forward." The NFL has seen a team undergo this type of change, already, with the Washington Football Team acting as a temporary name until a new one is decided upon.

Or maybe the automated closed captions were referencing when Mike Clevinger practically called Major League Baseball executives "idiots" for their new extra inning rule, which he ripped on Twitter.

But what's more likely is that it was an honest mistake. It happens. After all, the Cleveland Idiots probably wouldn't be the most marketable replacement name, but I'd certainly by a jersey.

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