David Price wants to see MLB have Nickelodeon broadcast


Last week, the NFL broadcasted the New Orleans Saints-Chicago Bears playoff game on Nickelodeon as an alternative broadcast for school-aged children watching the game.

The broadcast created plenty of buzz and seemed to be a big hit with fans of all ages -- including Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher David Price.

Price, in an interview with Matt Vasgersian on MLB Network last week, said he watched that game with his kids and believes MLB should do the same.

“One thing I would like to see is what the NFL did last weekend with Nickelodeon,” he said. “Having Nickelodeon do their broadcast and that was a broadcast I watched with my kids. I know my kids loved it when Michael Thomas scored a touchdown and go slimed. They loved all the goofy graphics with the guys having big buggy eyes and hearing about what players’ favorite foods are, what they used to watch on Nickelodeon…It was different than the normal broadcast, but I enjoyed it greatly.”

MLB has struggled in recent years to connect with younger audiences, but has been on the right track with some of its ideas.

Prior to the pandemic, MLB began playing an annual game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania – home of the Little League World Series – as an attempt to connect with younger audiences.

They have also had some success with alternative broadcasts geared toward the analytical crowd.

It isn’t hard to imagine MLB trying to partner with someone like Nickelodeon to continue to build and strengthen their relationships with the younger fan.

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