Phillies' Didi Gregorius Became a Tattoo Artist During MLB Shutdown


Didi Gregorius is a man of many talents.

In addition to what the Philadelphia Phillies shortstop can do with a bat and glove, Gregorius also has a passion for photography, graphic design and the piano, which he taught himself how to play while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery last year.

During MLB’s coronavirus shutdown, Gregorius learned yet another skill: tattooing.

“I started to tattoo friends and family and everyone I could think of,” he said on a Zoom call Wednesday, per the New York Post. “I started to tattoo myself, and it felt really good. I just kept on going and did almost my whole leg. Then I started on other people during this time off. … It was just baseball and tattooing.”

The 30-year-old shortstop has posted videos of himself tattooing others on his Instagram story.

Gregorius’ Instagram page is where he often posts most of his off-the-field work. Last season, while with the New York Yankees, Gregorius would post graphic designs of his teammates who excelled during games in which the Yankees won.

It was actually those drawings which prompted people around Gregorius to suggest that he should start giving tattoos.

Gregorius spent the last five seasons in the Bronx, replacing Derek Jeter, but joins the Phillies on a one-year deal where they hope he’ll be tattooing the ball, too.

He will only get a limited amount of time, though, to make himself at home in Philly and showcase himself for a longer deal in just a 60-game season. Gregorius is also taking a risk to do it, playing with a kidney condition that puts him at higher risk for the coronavirus.

Gregorius plans to wear a mask when he plays, though, joining his former teammate Clint Frazier as among the players who have said they will wear one while playing.

“I had good conversations with our doctors, since I’m a high-risk player,” he said. “We made sure to go through the guidelines. I’ve got to keep a mask on at all times, and I’m really comfortable with all these guys. Everyone is following the rules.”

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