Hunter Pence buys entire restaurant shots to celebrate Dodgers' Game 4 loss


The legend of Hunter Pence grows.

The San Francisco Giants fan favorite was apparently out dining in the Bay Area while watching Game 4 of the World Series unfold between the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers, rooting for the Rays, obviously.

So, when Tampa Bay walked off in incredible fashion, Pence celebrated with the rest of the Giants faithful by buying a round of shots for the entire restaurant to bask in the Dodgers loss.

A video captured by a fan dining at the restaurant shows them all taking limoncello shots as Pence gestures a toast toward the fellow patron.

Pence also tweeted about the scene in San Francisco as many seemed to take joy in the rival Dodgers blowing the game in dramatic fashion.

The 37-year-old Pence had announced his retirement following the 2020 season with the Giants, where he spent eight of the last nine years of his career and won two World Series titles.

He has clearly transitioned from Giants player to fan nicely, plus his celebration of the Game 4 Rays victory was a bit less over the top than Alex Rodriguez.

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