MLB Insider 'Would Be Surprised' If Red Sox Trade Mookie Betts


Chaim Bloom certainly won’t be eased into his position as the new general manager of the Boston Red Sox. While J.D. Martinez electing not to opt out of his contract theoretically should make the 2020 Red Sox a better team, it makes their stated goal of cutting costs moving forward more difficult to achieve.

With just a year left until he can become a free agent, that's led to credible speculation that the Red Sox could shop 2018 American League MVP this offseason.

On the latest edition of "Big Time Baseball," RADIO.COM Sports MLB Insider Jon Heyman shared his thoughts on the upcoming decision that the Red Sox will need to make regarding Mookie Betts.

While Heyman could see a “modified rebuild” going down in Beantown, he thinks it is more likely that the Red Sox pull out all the stops for at least next season and try to win it all with their current roster, which includes Betts.

“Mookie Betts [is] one of the best players in the game, one year to go before free agency, and it’s going to be tough to lock him up,” Heyman said. “He’s basically said he’s intent on becoming a free agent, so he’s going to be mentioned in trends [but] I’m here to tell you today that I’m still going to be surprised if they trade Mookie Betts."

“I think they’ll try to win it this year… it’s difficult to let go of a player of that caliber with one year because, first of all, you’re losing one of the best players in the game but, second of all, he’s on a one-year deal. He’s going to be making $25 million, and what exactly will you get for him? You’re not going to get even 50 cents on the dollar.”

The oft-cited World Series hangover that plagued the Red Sox may not be as bad as it has been built up to be. Boston finished with a team .806 OPS, which was a top-five number in the majors, and was third in batting average. Keeping Betts on the team will keep this powerhouse offense alive, and that’s exactly what Heyman thinks Bloom will opt to do.

“I’m going to anticipate that we’re going to hear a lot of talk on Mookie Betts, [but] they’re going to keep him.”

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