Jimmy Rollins called an MLB playoff game wearing Gucci flip flops


What’s Phillies great Jimmy Rollins up to these days? Oh nothing much, just calling MLB playoff games while wearing Gucci flip flops.

This Twitter clip shared by Cespedes Family Barbecue from Tuesday night’s Rays/Blue Jays broadcast on TBS demands a thorough dissection. First, you have to admire the former MVP’s confidence wearing flip flops in the television booth. Second, Rollins’ choice of footwear is even bolder when you consider the rest of his ensemble. Button-down, tie, pressed slacks, Rolex and … sandals? What would you even call that aesthetic? Business super casual?

Maybe I’m on an island here, but I wasn’t aware Gucci—better known for its handbags and designer sunglasses—was even in the flip flop game. Turns out, the going rate for Gucci brand sandals is … not cheap. I’ve seen Gucci “slides” (that’s the preferred nomenclature for flip flops, at least in the fashion industry) range from $168 to over $800. That’s an even steeper cost than Lonzo Ball’s ill-fated ZO2s from Big Baller Brand (RIP), priced at an ambitious $220. That seems excessive, especially when you can buy a pair at Dick’s for a reasonable $19.99. Then again, splurging on $800 luxury flip flops is much easier when you have $98.5 million (the amount Rollins’ earned over his 15-year playing career) in the bank.

Somewhere, flip flop enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg is smiling.

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