Legendary MLB Broadcaster Vin Scully Offers Hopeful Message Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


For many decades, Vin Scully’s voice served MLB and Los Angeles Dodgers fans as a cool, comforting presence as baseball’s narrator, doing play-by-play for 67 years.

Now, Scully is offering comfort on a much larger scale.

The 92-year-old announcer, who has seen the nation battle through many hardships before, is self-isolating at home like many others as the novel coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the country, but it has not stopped the broadcasting legend from keeping an optimistic outlook on life.

Scully, in an interview with Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times, recalled living through the Great Depression and World War II as a low moment the country was able to bounce back from, and he is confident we will be resilient again.

“From depths of depression we fought our way through World War II, and if we can do that, we can certainly fight through this,” he said. “I remember how happy and relieved and thrilled everybody was … when they signed the treaty with Japan, and the country just danced from one way or another. It’s the life of the world, the ups and downs, this is a down, we’re going to have to realistically accept it at what it is and we’ll get out of it, that’s all there is to it, we will definitely get out of it.”

Scully, who retired in 2016, has been spending most of his time in isolation watching old movies with his wife, Sandi, added that there may be some good that eventually comes from this whole thing.

“A lot of people will look at it, it might bring them closer to their faith, they might pray a little harder, a little longer, there might be other good things to come out of it,” he said. “And certainly, I think people are especially jumping at the opportunity to help each other, I believe that’s true, so that’s kind of heartwarming, with all of it, it brings out some goodness in people, and that’s terrific.”

The start of the MLB season was supposed to begin this week, but it is delayed until at least mid-May, and possibly longer depending on how things progress with the handling of COVID-19.

Scully, though, is looking forward to when baseball does resume, because that would signal we are able to move on.

“If baseball starts up, we’ve got this thing beat and we can go about our lives,” he said. “Baseball is not a bad thermometer, when baseball begins, whenever that is, that will be a sure sign that the country is getting back on its feet.”

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