Luke Voit Mashes His Way Into Yankees Record Books, Joins Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle


Just when I thought I had gone over enough Yankees records, another one popped up that sounds even more unbelievable than the others, if that's even possible.

To sum up those other records briefly: the Yankees hit a lot of home runs. A lot of home runs. So many home runs in a three-game span against the Blue Jays, that they broke multiple records involving home runs in an inning, home runs in a certain span of days, etc. Heck, they even "helped" a poor Blue Jays pitcher to a record of his own. Read about them here.

But perhaps most impressive of all, if only because of the legendary status of the names involved, was an individual feat accomplished by first baseman Luke Voit. Surfaced by ESPN Stats & Info, Luke Voit became the third Yankee ever with 20 home runs through the team's first 50 games of the season. Who else accomplished this? Oh, only Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth, the latter of which actually did it three times.

It's been eight seasons since any MLB player was able to accomplish this, as you have to go all the way back to Josh Hamilton in 2012 to find another player with 20 home runs in the Rangers' first 50 games (h/t

It's pretty unbelievable that in all the years of Yankees dominance, with power-hitting guys like Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez and more filling out legendary lineups, it's Luke Voit who joins this incredible trio of sluggers.

Or maybe, rather than it being unbelievable, it's just a sign of what's to come.

Voit leads the majors with 20 home runs and tops the AL with his .659 slugging percentage. Expanded out over a full 162-game season, his stat line would look like this:

70 HR, 162 RBI, 130 runs, 401 total bases