All-Star Pitcher Looking to Assemble MLB Players for Sandlot Game During League Suspension


Mounting developments continue to grow in severity and concern baseball players and fans that the season will be pushed back further and further. That hasn't stopped some players from trying to carry on the national pastime in their own creative ways.

Journeyman pitcher David Carpenter, who had spent parts of six seasons with six different teams before settling into Cincinnati for the 2020 season, reached out to his friend and teammate Trevor Bauer on Twitter with an idea.

His teammate responded emphatically, saying "I'm 100000000000000% in" -- for those of you who didn't both to count, that's 100 trillion percent. Bauer, who was an All-Star in 2018 after a lights out season in which he recorded a 12-6 record with a 2.21 ERA, struggled in 2019 in both Cleveland and Cincinnati after a midseason trade.

Bauer sent out another tweet minutes later.

Though sandlot is a broad term defined by Google as "a piece of unoccupied land used by children for games", it gained fame in the baseball circle after the 1993 cult classic The Sandlot, featuring a group of kids enjoying their summer with games of impromptu baseball.

The feeling here is that Bauer wants to create a similar environment, where the game is more lax, less official and helps to deter attention away from the serious nature of coronavirus and the league-wide suspension of activity. Whether or not higher-ups will approve of this behavior is yet to be seen, but such a game would draw a ton of attention from baseball-hungry fans.