MLB Swings and Misses on Players Weekend Uniforms

By , RADIO.COM Sports

There is no gray area when it comes to this year’s MLB Players Weekend uniforms. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em, and using social media as a barometer, it seems like most fans hate them.

On Friday, and throughout the rest of the weekend, all teams across Major League Baseball wore either all-white or all-black uniforms from head to toe as part of MLB’s Players Weekend festivities.

To make it even more peculiar, pitchers on the white teams had to wear a black hat in order to make the ball more visible for hitters.

The idea for Players Weekend was created three years ago as an attempt for baseball to show off its players’ creativity and personality. It has been mostly well-received by younger fans as players wear specialized cleats, use colorful bats and put nicknames on the back of their jerseys.

It has also consisted of teams wearing an alternate uniform, which has typically been related to the colors of the team, but this year MLB decided to channel its inner Thursday Night Football color rush impulses and whiffed badly.

Here are just some of the reactions from fans on social media:

It was not just the fans, though. The Mets announcers on SNY ripped the uniforms during the broadcast.

The teams were not very receptive, either.

The Chicago Cubs decided to sport their regular blue caps instead of their white ones. Cubs manager Joe Maddon said that the uniforms were awkward, and added that the team leaders should design them so it could be a true Players’ Weekend.

The league also decided to pick the weekend when two of baseball’s most storied franchises — the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees — play each other, which seldom happens.

According to Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports, the Dodgers requested that both teams wear their regular uniforms — which are two of the more iconic uniforms in sports — for at least one of the games during the three-game set, but the request was denied by MLB.

Perhaps the league will fare better next season, but for now, fans are stuck watching games in these silly uniforms the rest of the weekend.