MLBPA Submits Counteroffer, Proposes 70-Game Season


After weeks of uncertainty with players and owners embroiled in a bitter labor dispute, we may finally be nearing a resolution as the MLBPA has reportedly proposed a season “in the neighborhood” of 70 games. According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the offer submitted Thursday includes a split of playoff revenues.

This counter from the Players Association comes a mere 48 hours after MLB ownership, represented by commissioner Rob Manfred, had proposed a 60-game schedule that would compensate players at their full prorated salaries. While the owners and players likely aren’t done haggling, Passan reports there is “optimism” the sides are close to brokering a deal that would finally bring MLB back from the abyss.

Under the union’s new proposal, the 2020 regular season would run from July 19-September 30 with spring training to begin June 26-28. The players have agreed to waive any grievances against the league and will enact a universal DH, as had been reported earlier this week. The MLBPA is also asking for $50 million in playoff bonuses with a 50/50 television revenue split for next year’s postseason.

To alleviate some of the league’s financial burden amid heavy losses, players are calling on MLB to promote products by selling ad patches on uniforms, similar to those worn in the NBA.

Predictably, owners aren’t loving the new proposal with one owner calling the players’ suggested 70-game season "dead on arrival."

This is a developing story.

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