No one elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame's Class of 2021


25 former big league stars appeared on the 2021 BBWAA ballot for induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. A grand total of zero were inducted in 2021, this being the first time this has occurred since 1960 (unlike in 2013, when there were no inductees from the ballot but three inductees from the Veterans Committee).

Former Phillies, Red Sox and Diamondbacks ace Curt Schilling had the highest percentage of votes, at 71.1 percent, just sixteen votes shy of election. Though his play speaks for itself, it's likely his controversial off-field persona and behavior that has kept him out of Cooperstown for the past nine years.

The same could be the case for Omar Vizquel, as he is currently under investigation for domestic abuse. He finished with a 49.1 percent vote.

Meanwhile, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds saw their 2020 percentages of 61.0 and 60.7, respectively, go slightly in the right direction, though they ultimately couldn't break the 75 percent threshold required. Their alleged PED use has continually hurt their cases, and they, like Schilling, only have one more year of eligibility left. Bonds finished at 61.8 percent, with Clemens just behind him at 61.6 percent.

None of the first-time candidates to the ballot received anywhere near the 75 percent vote, with Mark Buehrle leading the way with a 11.0 percent share.

The total list of percentages is below, with italics representing the players who will not appear on the BBWAA ballot next year due to a vote percentage below five (via Jon Weisman).

- Curt Schilling: 71.1 percent
- Barry Bonds: 61.8 percent
- Roger Clemens: 61.6 percent
- Scott Rolen: 52.9 percent
- Omar Vizquel: 49.1 percent
- Billy Wagner: 46.4 percent
- Todd Helton: 44.9 percent
- Gary Sheffield: 40.6 percent
- Andruw Jones: 33.9 percent
- Jeff Kent: 32.4 percent
- Manny Ramirez: 28.2 percent
- Sammy Sosa: 17.0 percent
- Andy Pettitte: 13.7 percent
- Mark Buehrle: 11.0 percent
- Torii Hunter: 9.5 percent
- Bobby Abreu: 8.7 percent
- Tim Hudson: 5.2 percent
- Aramis Ramirez: 1.0 percent
- LaTroy Hawkins: 0.5 percent
- Barry Zito: 0.2 percent
- Shane Victorino: 0.0 percent
- Dan Haren: 0.0 percent
- A.J. Burnett: 0.0 percent
- Nick Swisher: 0.0 percent
- Michael Cuddyer: 0.0 percent

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