Yankees pitcher offers support to reporter who says she was harassed by his former teammate


Yankees pitcher Zack Britton has spoken out in support of a female reporter who says she was sexually harassed by a Baltimore Orioles player in 2012, when Britton was on the team.

Britt Ghiroli of The Athletic opened up about the creepy experience in a candid piece following former Mets GM Jared Porter's dismissal on Tuesday, after it was reported he had harassed a female journalist in 2016.

In the piece, Ghiroli, then 26, details being lured into a hotel room by the unnamed player under the pretense of getting a scoop -- only to have to fend off his unwelcome sexual advances upon entering a candlelit room.

Britton, who broke in with the Orioles in 2011, took to social media to respond to Ghiroli's disturbing report.

"I was on the 2012 Orioles and reading this makes me sick," Britton said. "I’m sorry this happened to you Britt. I’m sorry you didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone in the organization. It’s bs that any man would consider this acceptable behavior. We need to do better."

The season marked Baltimore's first winning record and playoff appearance since 1997. The prospect of breaking a story in a competitive reporting climate only to be duped further added to Ghiroli's embarrassment and prevented her from speaking out, she wrote.

Britton appeared in 12 games -- 11 as a starter -- with the Orioles in 2012. He transition to the bullpen two years later and remained with Baltimore until his midseason acquisition by the Yankees in 2018.